Client Reviews

"Working with Lauren and CBA has been a truly remarkable experience. They exude genuineness, openness, and transparency, transforming a challenging situation into a positive one.  Lauren, in particular, consistently displayed empathy, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment throughout. I highly recommend CBA as your legal counsel; their genuine commitment to your well-being shines through."

- Jane Doe

Jane Doe v. San Francisco Unified School District

"Lauren and CBA was with me to support me in every step of the way. Holding my abuser and institution accountable provided me the needed closure to fully heal from my childhood trauma even a decade later.  Every step of the way, Lauren gave me hope when I felt hopeless, and she gave me help when I felt helpless. Lauren was the attorney who I knew was in my corner, and she will undoubtedly continue to be in the corner of survivors to hold their abuser and institution accountable. Closing a chapter of trauma and receiving closure has enabled me to live life to the fullest. I will always be grateful to Lauren and CBA for helping me be a stronger and resilient individual."

- Jane Doe 2

Jane Doe 2 v. East Side Union High School District

"What happened to me needed to be addressed. I missed out on such an important part of my life, while my institution made no qualms. You don’t get to push kids under a rug. I’m glad I was given an opportunity to address my broken life.  CBA is a great team with checks and balances. They pushed the envelope and allowed me to stay in control. They also believe in their work, wholeheartedly. Purposefully driven, with permission, they stepped up for me throughout my legal process."

- Jane Doe

Jane Doe v. Los Gatos Saratoga Union High School District

"There's a lot of people who are focused on monetary gain and I didn't feel that with attorney Bob Allard. I felt like their priority, in addition to vindicating me, was to take care of me and to get justice for what was right."

- Stevie G.

S.G. v. United States Tennis Association

"In my experience and in my abusive past, the power was taken away from me,” she said. “I received my power back going through this process. I received my voice back."

- Allison B.

Allison Brown v. Valley Christian Schools

"My family and I were so thankful for the law services and guidance received during a very emotional and challenging time; the care, sensitivity and professionalism with which our case was handled provided us with a sense of calm, clarity and confidence that we could not have navigated on our own or for each other; We were guided through an intimidating and uncomfortable process every step of the way and we never felt unsupported or misunderstood. I will forever be grateful for the positive experience in a horribly ugly case."

- Mary Doe

"The compassion Bob Allard felt for our needs and concerns was immeasurable. He knew and understood our apprehensions and fears, and dealt with them in a professional and caring manner."

- Laura H.

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