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California Sexual Abuse Victim Lawyers At Cerri, Boskovich & Allard, our team is committed to offering empathetic and knowledgeable legal assistance in various sexual abuse cases, each requiring a distinct approach and sensitivity. Whether addressing the abuse of adults with developmental disabilities or confronting sexual assault incidents in university settings, we provide our unwavering support and expertise to advocate for the rights and dignity of all survivors. Our practice areas include:

Advocating for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Adults with developmental disabilities are, unfortunately, more susceptible to sexual abuse. Our firm supports these individuals, empowering their families and caregivers to help them seek justice. In these delicate cases, we strive to offer legal expertise, understanding, and compassion to navigate these challenging times together.

Child Sexual Abuse

We are deeply committed to supporting survivors of child sexual abuse. Understanding the profound and lasting impact of such experiences, our firm provides a nurturing and safe environment for child survivors and their families. We handle each case with the utmost sensitivity and discretion, prioritizing the well-being and healing of the child above all. We aim to ensure that every child survivor we represent feels heard, supported, and able to reclaim their strength and confidence in the wake of such challenging experiences.

Coach Sexual Abuse

Cases of coach sexual abuse, where trust is betrayed, are particularly harrowing. When coaches exploit their authority and harm the children and young adults in their care, we step in to advocate for them. We have a deep commitment to holding abusive coaches and the institutions that enable them to account. Our sexual abuse lawyers are empathetic yet assertive, focusing on the survivor's needs and well-being while navigating these sensitive cases. We work tirelessly to ensure survivors' voices are heard, their experiences are validated, and their rights are fiercely defended.

Foster Care Abuse

Children in foster care are especially vulnerable to sexual abuse. Our law firm focuses on the individual needs of each foster care abuse survivor while navigating the complexities of the foster care and legal systems. We work tirelessly to hold responsible parties accountable, whether individuals or institutions and strive to secure safe and nurturing environments for these children.

Private School Sexual Abuse

Confronting sexual abuse in private schools involves navigating against powerful institutions. These institutions often possess substantial resources and legal teams aimed at protecting their interests. Our firm has the expertise and resources needed to take on private schools and institutions head-on. Our goal is not only to achieve justice for the survivors but also to bring about meaningful change within these institutions, fostering a safer and more accountable educational environment for all students.

Public School Sexual Abuse

Dealing with sexual abuse in public schools involves understanding the complexities of larger educational systems and bureaucracies. Our approach is focused on seeking justice against the perpetrators and advocating for systemic changes within these institutions. By working closely with survivors and their families, we strive to offer legal representation and a source of strength and support, helping them heal and regain trust in an environment that should have been a safe place for learning and growth.


Rape, a particularly heinous act, leaves survivors coping with severe trauma. Our team provides compassionate and comprehensive legal support, ensuring that each rape survivor's story is heard and treated with the highest respect and dignity. We are steadfast in our pursuit of justice, working tirelessly to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. We strive to provide survivors with empowerment and a path to healing. By standing with survivors every step of the way, we aim to transform a painful experience into an opportunity for strength and renewal, reaffirming their rights and dignity throughout the legal process.

School Bullying

We understand the significant emotional and psychological impact bullying can have on young individuals. We advocate tirelessly for victims of school bullying, aiming to create a safer and more supportive school environment. Our legal team works closely with families to navigate the complexities of these cases, ensuring that schools are held accountable for their role in preventing and addressing bullying.

Sexual Abuse in Sports

Our firm provides legal assistance to athletes who have endured abuse from coaches, team members, or sports organization staff. Our experience has shown us the darker side of the sports environment and the power imbalances that can exist within it. Our goal is to ensure that these serious allegations are treated with the gravity they deserve and that sports organizations are held accountable for enabling or failing to prevent such abuses. Our involvement in these cases reflects our commitment to making the sports world safer for all athletes.

Summer Camp Abuse

Cerri, Boskovich & Allard is dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual abuse in summer camps, environments where children should experience safety and joy. Understanding the unique challenges these settings pose, which often lack structured oversight in more formal institutions, our firm provides expert legal assistance to navigate these complex cases. Our approach involves thorough investigation and strong advocacy, aiming to hold accountable not just the perpetrators but also the camp administrations that failed to protect these young individuals.

University Sexual Assault

We have a deep understanding of the nuances involved in navigating university systems and Title IX regulations. Our firm provides unwavering support to survivors, empowering them to stand against their assailants within the academic setting. Our sexual abuse and assault lawyers strive to make universities accountable for their role in preventing and properly addressing sexual assault, aiming to foster safer and more respectful campus communities.

Youth Group Abuse

At Cerri, Boskovich & Allard, we are committed to supporting survivors of sexual abuse in youth groups, environments often perceived as safe and nurturing. Recognizing the profound breach of trust in these cases, our firm handles a wide range of abuse cases within youth groups, whether they are religious, educational, or recreational. We work diligently to ensure that those responsible, both individuals and organizations, are held accountable.

Elder Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Our compassionate team stands with survivors of elder nursing home abuse, offering a safe space to empower them to seek justice and hold responsible parties accountable for their actions.

Entertainment Music Industry Sexual Abuse

Survivors of sexual abuse in the entertainment music industry deserve to have their voices heard; our dedicated lawyers provide the support to bring their stories into the light and pursue justice.

USTA Sexual Abuse - United States Tennis Association

We advocate for survivors of sexual abuse within US Tennis. We have a proven track record of success and have advocated for survivors of sexual abuse in cases against the United States Tennis Association and its regional entity, United States Tennis Association - NorCal.

USA Swimming - USA Swimming Sex Abuse

Our firm is committed to supporting survivors of sexual abuse in USA Swimming by providing legal guidance to confront abuse and work towards a safer athletic environment. Our lawyers were pivotal in winning high-profile cases against USA Swimming in the last decade, resulting in new laws to protect young athletes throughout the Olympic movement.

YMCA Sexual Abuse - YMCA Sexual Abuse

Survivors of sexual abuse within the YMCA community can rely on our lawyers to hold abusers and negligent YMCA institutions accountable. We have decades of experience helping survivors of YMCA abuse obtain the compensation and justice they deserve.

US Olympic Athlete Abuse - USOPC Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

We are here to stand with survivors of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee-related abuse. We know the courage it takes to come forward and hold abusive coaches and institutions accountable - especially when your Olympic dreams and career are on the line. We ensure your courage is met with action and acknowledgment.

National Governing Bodies

Our firm works alongside survivors of abuse to hold national governing bodies accountable when abuse occurs. Our sexual abuse lawyers challenge systemic failings and help survivors pursue a path of healing and justice.

Doctor Sexual Misconduct

Doctor sexual misconduct can profoundly undermine the trust essential to the doctor-patient relationship. Survivors of such misconduct need a dedicated advocate to stand beside them, someone who can provide the necessary support and guidance to hold abusive doctors and hospitals accountable.

Dentist Sexual Misconduct

Dentist sexual misconduct is a grave breach of professional ethics and personal trust, occurring when a dental care provider engages in inappropriate, unwanted, or non-consensual behavior with a patient. Survivors deserve a compassionate ally who will stand with them while they hold abusive dentists accountable.

Fencing Athlete Abuse

Athletes in the fencing community who have endured abuse deserve a safe platform to stand against the injustice they have faced. Our lawyers work with survivors and families to help them obtain the compensation they need to move forward in their future after suffering sexual abuse.

Your Voice, Our Fight

Your courage and resilience as a survivor of sexual abuse are the first steps towards a brighter, more empowered future. Cerri, Boskovich & Allard stands ready to walk alongside you in this journey. We offer more than just legal representation; we offer a partnership in seeking the justice and closure you deserve.

We understand the weight of your experience, and our team is committed to ensuring your story is heard and honored with the dignity and respect it merits. You are not facing this alone. Together, we can work towards recovering the compensation you are entitled and ensure that your voice becomes a powerful instrument for change.

Serving San Jose, Santa Clara County, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the broader Northern California region, our firm is a beacon of hope for survivors and their families. Reach out to us, and let's start turning the page to a new chapter in your life.

Client Reviews

“Working with CBA has been a truly remarkable experience. They exude genuineness, openness, and transparency, transforming a challenging situation into a positive one. Lauren, in particular, consistently displayed empathy, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment throughout.”

Jane Doe v. San Francisco Unified School District

Jane Doe

“Every step of the way, Lauren gave me hope when I felt hopeless, and she gave me help when I felt helpless. Lauren was the attorney who I knew was in my corner, and she will undoubtedly continue to be in the corner of survivors to hold their abuser and institution accountable.”

Jane Doe 2 v. East Side Union High School District

Jane Doe 2

“What happened to me needed to be addressed. I missed out on such an important part of my life, while my institution made no qualms. You don’t get to push kids under a rug. I’m glad I was given an opportunity to address my broken life.”

Jane Doe v. Saratoga–Los Gatos Union High School District

Jane Doe
“My family and I were so thankful for the law services and guidance received during a very emotional and challenging time; the care, sensitivity and professionalism with which our case was handled provided us with a sense of calm, clarity and confidence that we could not have navigated on our own or for each other.” Mary Doe
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