Entertainment Music Industry Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is common in the music industry and is frequently ignored by music executives, agents, and other musicians. This leads to a culture of silence, where emerging talents and even established artists suffer through these traumatic experiences alone to avoid risking their careers and reputations.

At Cerri, Boskovich & Allard, we are dedicated to breaking this silence and providing a voice for survivors. Our firm is deeply committed to supporting individuals who have endured sexual abuse in the music industry. We understand these cases' unique challenges and help survivors seek justice for their harm.

Our firm has the resources to go up against large music industry executives, powerful agents, worldwide artists, and even record labels. No fight is too big. We have decades of experience holding powerful institutions and organizations accountable. Let us do the same for you.

Understanding Sexual Abuse in the Music Industry

Sexual abuse in the music industry can include physical acts, coercion, unwanted advances, and exploitation of power for sexual purposes. This abuse can manifest in various forms, from sexual harassment and intimidation to physical assault.

Unfortunately, sexual abuse in the music industry often goes unreported due to the industry's unique challenges. Artists, especially those early in their careers, may fear that speaking out could harm their professional opportunities or reputation. In addition, the music industry's informal, creative environments can sometimes blur the lines of professional conduct, leading to situations where abuse might be dismissed or overlooked.

One of the most critical aspects of sexual abuse in this context is the power dynamic. The music industry is characterized by a hierarchy where powerful individuals, such as producers, managers, and executives, hold significant influence over the careers of artists and other industry professionals. This imbalance can create an environment where abuse is not only perpetrated but also hidden, as survivors may feel powerless to speak out against influential abusers.

At Cerri, Boskovich & Allard, we understand what you’re up against and are committed to providing a safe space for survivors to share their stories and seek justice. We can help you hold powerful music industry executives, agents, and musicians accountable for their actions.

#MeToo Movement in Music

The #MeToo movement, which gained momentum across various industries, has had a significant impact on the music world. Numerous artists and industry professionals have come forward with their stories of sexual abuse and harassment, leading to a broader conversation about power dynamics and misconduct in the industry.

There have been several instances where high-ranking industry executives and producers have been accused of sexual misconduct. These cases often involve complex power dynamics, where the accused held considerable influence over the careers of emerging artists.

One study found that one in five music industry workers has suffered from sexual harassment and abuse. Sadly, roughly 34% of women in the music industry reported experiencing some form of sexual abuse or harassment.

Who Is Responsible After Sexual Abuse in the Music Industry?

When sexual abuse occurs in the music industry, several parties might be held accountable, depending on the circumstances of each case. At Cerri, Boskovich & Allard, we are committed to helping survivors identify all parties that may be held accountable for the abuse they have endured. Here are some of the parties who could potentially be held accountable:

  • Individual Abusers: This includes anyone who directly committed the act of abuse, including:
    • Individual Artists
    • Producers
    • Managers
    • Record Label Executives
    • Talent Agents
    • Tour Managers
    • Concert Promoters
    • Venue Owners and Staff
    • Sound and Lighting Technicians
    • Other Industry Professionals and Employees
  • Organizations Hosting Events: In situations where abuse occurs at industry events, concerts, or gatherings, the organizing bodies might be held responsible, particularly if they did not implement adequate safety measures or if they neglected their duty of care to participants.
  • Contractual Partners: If the abuse is connected to contractual relationships (e.g., between an artist and a record label), there may be grounds for holding these parties accountable, especially if contractual power was used to facilitate or cover up the abuse.
  • Third Parties: This includes any other entities that might have contributed to the circumstances that allowed the abuse to occur, such as security companies, public relations firms, or other intermediaries in the industry.
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If you or someone you love suffered from sexual abuse in the music industry, you are not alone. At Cerri, Boskovich & Allard, we have the resources to go up against large music industry executives, record labels, and musicians. We are here to offer you the compassionate legal guidance you need to pursue justice. Call us today!

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