Construction Negligence and Auto Accident Injuries – What Victims Should Know

Construction ZoneRegulated by the federal government, all highway and road construction is supposed to adhere to certain guidelines to ensure the safety of all road users. Sadly, there are many workers, foreman, and contractors who will take shortcuts or ignore the rules. When a victim is injured or killed because of it, they or their loved ones may be entitled to compensation. Learn more about construction negligence and its potential impact on auto accident injuries, and discover how the assistance of an experienced attorney may improve the outcome of your case.

Rules and Regulations Protect Road Users

Roads and vehicles are inherently dangerous, but when you add in construction, the situation can quickly become deadly. That is why the road construction industry is so heavily regulated, with rules that govern everything from the color and placement of construction signs to the turn and merge angles that are considered both safe and acceptable when redirecting traffic.

Sadly, despite all this regulation, nearly 100,000 construction zone road accidents still occur each year. While some of those accidents are caused by driver negligence, an alarming percentage stem from negligence within the construction industry. Because of this, victims are encouraged to have their case analyzed by an experienced attorney, prior to submitting a claim.

Is Construction Negligence is an Element in Your Case?

Auto accident victims may be entitled to compensation, independent and regardless of any negligence on the part of the construction company. However, they may be owed additional compensation if the actions (or inactions) of the construction workers, foreman, contractors, supervisors, or company were in any way connected with the accident. For example, if a worker fails to properly place a sign to notify drivers of uneven pavement and a vehicle crashes and overturns because of it, the company may be held liable for any injuries or deaths that occur.

Sadly, proving this type of negligence often requires extensive knowledge of the construction industry and its regulations. One must also have the skills to effectively negotiate with insurance companies and other agents that may attempt to minimize the impact that an accident has had on your life. Thankfully, an experienced attorney can help.

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