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Update: May 23, 2013

Rick Curl was sentenced to 7 years in prison for the sexual abuse of Kelley Davies Currin more than 30 years ago. Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Marielsa Bernard imposed a 15-year sentence, with all but seven years suspended. The Judge thought it was important to send a message that criminals will be held accountable no matter when they’re caught. More on the sentencing as reported by the Washington Post.

Update: February 21, 2013

A former student of a high-level coach with ties to the North Baltimore Aquatic Club recently came forward with sexual abuse allegations against that coach. These allegations resulted in the coach’s resignation, the club taking unprecedented action, and USA Swimming seemingly taking steps to protect the coach.

Here is Tim Joyce’s original story, removed twice by WBAL in Baltimore. The news director offered an explanation for the first removal but not for the permanent removal.

Swimming Coach Accused Of Molestation At North Baltimore Aquatic Club

Former Olympic Coach Rick Curl has been banned permanently from USA Swimming, apparently giving up his fight on the day of his National Board of Review hearing. Curl is now listed with some 60+ coaches on the USA Swimming list of banned coaches and individuals.

Kelley Davies Currin came forward publicly earlier this year with a signed settlement agreement with Curl’s signature in which Curl agreed to pay her $150,000 in return for not going to law enforcement for allegedly molesting her starting when she was 13 years old in 1983.

Attorney Robert Allard who represents the victim has said from the onset that USA Swimming has known about Curl for years. Curl was referenced in the Jane Doe amended lawsuit filed in March of 2010. Despite USA Swimming having knowledge of Curl’s rumored past, Curl attended this years U.S. Olympic trials in Omaha on a coaching credential.

A wrongful termination lawsuit against former US Olympic coach Mark Schubert claims he repeatedly ignored and dismissed complaints of inappropriate behavior toward young female swimmers by a longtime Orange County swim coach. Schubert heads the Golden West Swim Club in Orange County. More from these news organizations:

Former U.S. national swim coach Schubert faces lawsuit

A swimming coach and philanthropist claims she was wrongfully fired by former U.S. national coach Mark Schubert after she became aware of abuse allegations within his Southern California club.

While former Curl-Burke coaches Todd Rucker and Rick Curl await a decision from USA Swimming that would permanently ban them from coaching for their alleged sexual abuse of athletes, more USA Swimming coaches continue to violate their position of authority and allegedly molest young swimmers. Swim blogger Braden Keith reports that Stephen Steele from Florida has been added to USA Swimming’s Banned for Life list, with the suspension effective just over a month ago and his 30-day appeal period having expired. Steele reportedly recently competed in the Florida Sunshine Games for the St. Cloud Aquatic Team.

Journalist Irvin Muchnick reports on more coaches charged with illegal sex abuse. In a lengthy story, which has since been removed, Muchnick questions whether USA Swimming is doing enough to prevent the sexual abuse of female athletes.

Journalist Tim Joyce questions whether the USA Swimming scandal is worse than Penn State.

The Washington Post is reporting today that swim coach Rick Curl of the Curl-Burke Swim Club faces a permanent ban following allegations that Curl molested a 13-year-old girl beginning in 1983. The former swimmer produced a settlement agreement, signed by Curl, in which Curl agreed to pay her $150,000 for remaining silent about being molested. The Washington Post reports that USA Swimming has called for an emergency hearing before its National Board of Review to consider banning Curl for life.

Attorney Robert Allard of Cerri, Boskovich & Allard, who represents the victim, says that USA Swimming has known about Curl for years. Curl was referenced in the Jane Doe amended lawsuit filed in March of 2010. Despite USA Swimming having knowledge of Curl’s rumored past, Curl attended last month’s U.S. Olympic trials in Omaha on a coaching credential.

Noah Rucker, a 39-year-old coach affiliated with the Curl-Burke Swim Club, was arrested last month on three counts of illegal sexual contact with a swimmer he had coached more than a decade earlier at Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia.

A Commitment to Enact Child Molestation Laws Favorable to Victims

California Assemblyman Jim Beall is announcing proposed legislation that would strengthen California’s child molestation laws.

The legislation was introduced with input from child molestation victims’ rights attorney Robert Allard and victims of USA Swimming coaching molestation.

More than one year after molestation victim attorney Robert Allard brought forth legal claims against USA Swimming and exposed the problem of child molestation in its coaching ranks, the US Olympic Committee (USOC) is finally following through on its recommendation to standardize child molestation policies among its National Governing Bodies.

The U.S. Olympic Committee has distributed a new handbook, “Recognizing, Reducing and Responding to Misconduct in Sport: Creating Your Strategy”, to ensure safer training environments.

The USOC formed a task force last year which recommended that national governing bodies adopt standardized policies following a number of sexual abuse and molestation cases against USA Swimming filed by a legal team led by attorney Robert Allard.

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